" The service provided by the young gentlemen at [ Eric's Tent Rentals ] was bar-none. They got the job done with precision, and even earlier then anticipated! Pair that with a friendly attitude, and you've got yourself a terrific company! "


How do I book a tent?
Top To book a tent you must call us or send us an e-mail to ensure that the tent size is available for your date as well as any tables and chairs that you may want to rent.

Do I leave a deposit?
Top Yes. We demand a deposit of 50% of your total bill owing. Once you have given us a call, you will be told what you deposit amount will be.

When do I book a tent?
Top You must book early in advance. As soon as you know you’ll be needing a tent that’s when you start looking to book tents. Of course some weekends will be more booked then other giving any big events going on or holidays as well as long weekends.

How do you determine freight and labor?
Top Freight and labor all depend on where the location is and if chairs and tables need setting up. Inside the perimeters of Winnipeg $100.00 to $150.00 outside of Winnipeg please call and you shall be given a quote on how much it will cost.

How do I know what tent size I need for my event?
Top To help decide on a tent size pick we have a seating capacity chart which gives a general idea of how many people each tent size can accommodate along with tables and chairs.

Will the tent fit my yard?
Top Ensure that you have enough room for the tent size that you will be picking as well as a safety purpose make sure that you have 3-5 feet of room on all sides of the tent so that we can ensure maximum set up of the tent. Make sure that there aren’t any electrical or telephone wires over top. The peaks of the tents reach up to 18 feet.

Do you do concrete or asphalt installations?
Top No. for the time being we will not be setting up tents on surfaces that demand drilling. (In the near future we will be accommodating such installations)

Who sets up the tent?
Top Our staff from Eric’s tent rentals will be there to install the tent as well as any other tables, chairs and accessories. A represenitive will be there to make sure everything is safe and secure and that our customer is satisfied with the installation.

Can I pick up and install the tent myself?
Top No. we have our trained staff that does everything for you for such safety reason’s as well as insures policies

When will the tent be delivered?
Top To ensure all satisfaction of our clients, we want this to be worry free. That’s why we always set up our tents a day or 2 ahead of time so that you may have lots of time to do whatever decorating you want. 

Do you charge extra for tables and chairs delivery?
Top No we do not. When you book a tent the delivery cost is reliant on your location, if you decide to rent chairs and tables as well as the tent there will be no additional charge. 

What if I encounter any problems?
Top Every time we set up a tent for our clients we always leave a free phone number that they can call at any time 24hours. A representative will come as soon as possible with all equipment needed to ensure that your event will keep going.